First Day

We had a great first day back! We talked about our new routines - including masks, hand washing, sanitizer, cleaning, social distancing, and organization. The students received their planners and we talked about homework routines and procedures. Tonight's homework is to read for 30 minutes and write 3 sentences in your journal; as well as get planners signed.  After refreshing our class rules and discussing how they look/sound in action, we signed them and posted them in the room. Our rules are: Be respectful Be responsible (and be a leader, not a pointer) Be safe (and remember our health and safety protocols) Be patient Do your best (and be a leader, not a pointer or follower) Include everyone (and be especially vigilant about people feeling lonely or isolated right now) In math we previewed our new materials and practiced multiplication facts. My math class is working on multiplication up to 14x14. Rabbi's class is working up to 12x12. Chumash brought us an introduction to Yo